First date idea calente or Topeka Kansas

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Disfrute de su estancia en nuestro hotel. Room was booked by our travel agent based on rating and price with military discount. Sadly, the ratings were not true for us. Room was terrible. The shower valve was broken so we couldn't shower in the morning. The electrical connection in the lamp was loose and unsafe. One of the lights in the room wouldn't work. And the external lock on the side door wouldn't open with a properly programmed twice key. Lastly, the air conditioner over the side door was dripping on the awning over the door leaving a puddle out side the door and you would get wet if you didn't dodge the dripping stream on your way in or out.

The place needs a lot of renovation. We won't be back. The rooms we were ased were both dirty chunks of food on the carpeturine on the toilet, dirty towels in the tub when we first walked in. The second room also had chunks of food on the carpet and the shower curtain had mold and mildew on it. The TV had no remote. The front desk did not answer calls. The chlorine in the pool room burned my eyes and I didn't even get in the water.

The landscaping was weeds. If you done mind walking stairs and once the place is finished renovations I am sure this is a good hotel. I wish I had checked to see if there was an elevator. They are still working on the furniture replacement, carpets not yet done. What a wonderful place to stay at. From a wonderful fast check in process to an amazing breakfast, can't wait to come back on our way back to Florida.

First date idea calente or Topeka Kansas

My family stayed here July 11, What a mistake! When booking, we asked if we were talking to the hotel direct.

First date idea calente or Topeka Kansas

The man said "yes" and we continued to book. We were told all discounts would be taken care of at check-in. When we arrived, we were told we booked through a third party. The woman said we have to be VERY careful booking On the internet the 2 queen suite with sofa looked great! Upon entering the room, there were 2 queen beds and a chair with an ottoman. The carpet was filthy. Sheets were stained! The breakfast chairs were stained and dirty. This facility is misrepresenting the rooms on the internet pictures. It sounds like you booked through a third party site and not through Best Western CRS or the property level.

Additionally, we have multiple room types, and the room you booked was a Guestroom with 2 queen beds, not the Queen suite. We are sorry that the third party that booked your room confused the room types. Our rooms have just been renovated with new carpet, drapes, sofas, and paint. We are sorry that the hotel was not up to your standards. Thank you again for your feedback. If we were not dead tired… traveling with other people and everybody luggage out and First date idea calente or Topeka Kansas room we would not be staying.

From the filthy corridor to the pile of hair on my shower drain, 1 towel in my room, toilet that won't stop running…hair in our ice bucket… prior occupants leftover food in the fridge… do I need to go on??! We pride ourselves on service, and as such, we did try our best to address your issues as soon as you brought them to our attention. We are sorry that it was still an unsatisfactory response. Thank you for your feedback again. I wanted to like this hotel but I couldn't. We have been traveling across the country from Seattle and this is by far the worst room AND worst breakfast we have experienced.

It is certainly not up to the Best Western standards. The room was tired, worn and unloved. The base of the tub was so gross that we wanted to wear flip-flops. The refrigerator racks were mostly broken or missing. The First date idea calente or Topeka Kansas conditioner has a fan setting of auto, low and high but only the auto worked so we could not run the fan constantly and it cycled on and off all night. The plugs in the walls were very worn and would not hold charging plugs in. The room was dark and not very clean. We found a prescription pill and other things on the floor.

They need to move chairs, etc. The rug is falling apart as you enter the bathroom and there are several long strings that could be trimmed. The electronic lock on the door only worked the second time we tried it. Additionally the rooms are not quiet. We could hear the people next door talking last night and once the person upstairs got up at 5 AM in the morning, sleep time was over for us. The breakfast had sausage patties, pre-made omelettes, biscuits and gravy, and a few yogurts.

There was coffee and juice. Sounds ok until you notice what was not there: hot water and tea, hot chocolate, butter, jams, cereals, milk, etc. We asked at the front desk and were told the offerings were limited due to Covid but we have been traveling for many days and other hotels have figured it out. There is no elevator so if you have lots of luggage don't get a second floor room. But your best choice would be to stay elsewhere until they start to maintain the rooms at this hotel. They really are that bad.

We are sorry that your room was not to expectations, especially as we are actively renovating the property and have installed new carpets, curtains, tile, painted the walls, and replaced the chairs, ottomans, and sofa sleepers. The property is older, and we are working hard to get it to a comfortable place. With breakfast, we have been slowly introducing new items and are trying to see what customer would like and what they miss; your feedback is helpful because it tells us what else to add.

As you know there is a labor shortage in the US, and our hospitality industry is facing huge hurdles in hiring and retention. I am coming to you in a moment of honesty and transparency, and I hope you will believe me when I say that we are actively and diligently working to increase our housekeeping efforts to get back to the Best Western standards our members expect. Thank you again, and we hope you'll give us a chance in the future to change your mind.

Unfortunately the staff is not friendly and professional. The lady at the check-in was smoking and in private conversation on the phone when I arrived. It took her 15 minutes to realize that I and other customers are waiting. She charged the wrong amount on my CreditCard. The Manager fixed that the next morning, but be careful! We appreciate your honesty regarding our staff and will make it a priority to retrain them on proper guest etiquette. Thank you again.

NASTY and horrible - torn carpet, beat up furniture, dimly lit, stopped up sink, bathtub complete with soap scum, bug running across the sheets when I turned down the bed which also had a dirty spread plus sheets were stained and had hair on them. Microwave and frig did not seem to be working. Asked for another room - was told there was none available.

Made three or four trips to front desk between 10PM and 1AM to try to get some resolution. Finally was given some sheets that I put on top of the bed to sleep on. I asked for a blanket and was told they had all been stolen.

I asked that I not be charged or at least get a discount - denied by a very rude manager woman who was not on site but I later spoke to by phone and could barely get a word in over her yelling. She charged me full price. I would have slept in the car if there had been room.

First date idea calente or Topeka Kansas

I was scheduled at another Best Western the next night. This was such a horrible experience that I cancelled and booked at a LaQuinta instead - which was very clean. This Best Western should be shut down by the health department. No one should be exposed to such filth, much less be expected to pay for it. Had it not been so late I would have looked for another place to stay. But being 1AM on Memorial Day weekend when it became clear how bad it was, it seemed clear that I would have no luck finding anything else if this nasty place was full.

Let me first say that my Kids very much enjoyed our stay here. The hot tub and pool were great activities for all of us. The pool area is very large as we were able to share the space with another family. The room and beds were very comfortable. The staff kept First date idea calente or Topeka Kansas pool area clean and stocked with towels. The desk clerk was very very hospitable. Next time we are in Topeka this is our hotel of choice. This motel is currently undergoing renovations.

There was no chair in our room. The soundproofing between our ceiling and the floor above us was poor, and we were unable to sleep due to the constant walking above us all through the night. Two dogs barked for a short time in the hallway when we were trying to sleep. There were a few plastic cups not encased in any plastic sanitary wrapping, which we found unacceptable. On the plus side, the young man who checked us in was top-notch. The hot breakfast would have been prepared by an employee and handed directly to us, which would have been fine had it not been for the fact that we were anxious to get out of the motel.

We chose Best Western due to having positive experiences in other cities, but we regretted that we passed up other cheaper yet outwardly better-looking motels in the near vicinity. Hopefully, once the motel is renovated, it will be up to the Best Western standards. We are currently undering a renovation at the hotel, and it will result in a full guestroom refresh, however I understand how frustrating it is to have to deal with it after travelling.

We are also reopening our breakfast room so that guests can get breakfast safely, while practicing social distancing. Thank you again, and we hope you will give us a chance once the hotel is renovated. This is one of the few hotels that I've stayed at that the desk clerk asks "would you like help with your luggage". You just don't see that anymore. They have great management and staff at this location.

They are currently doing a remodel. The new rooms look great! Stayed here over the weekend, it was one of the few pools that were open in Topeka. My kids really wanted to swim. We spent an hour and half in the pool and spa area. It was fantastic. The water was warm and clean.

First date idea calente or Topeka Kansas

Large pool and spa area. We absolutely loved it! Will stay here again.

First date idea calente or Topeka Kansas

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