Grandmas need it

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Being GrandmaNew Grandmas. Being a new Grandma is exciting and wonderful! Let me share with you a few top tips for a first-time Grandmother. Especially for first-time parents. Suppress the urge to correct, judge, or criticize the decisions made about the care of the new baby. Setting Boundaries for Overzealous Grandparents. If you want the chance to babysit or even have your Grandchild visit your home, you need to make it safe and comfortable.

Have supplies on hand, like wipes, a few diapers, a blanket, and maybe a crib or portable sleeping arrangements. Your children will be more likely to leave the child in your care or come for a visit if they feel comfortable in your home. Knowing the baby is safe and that a few emergency supplies are available will help to ease their minds. Be a conscientious new Grandma. Make your visits the priority, though. Instead of trying for the perfect photo, try for the perfect connection. When they are a little older, they will love seeing themselves as a baby and will know that you were there.

Make a memory book, scrapbook or photo album. You could even start a blog. Be a storytelling new Grandma. Nana, Mimi, Grandma, Granny? Decide on a name that will distinguish you from other Grandparents. Reading to is a great way to connect.

Have Grandmas need it available to read while you snuggle.

Grandmas need it

Hearing your voice, getting to know you, and starting an appreciation for reading early Grandmas need it only a few of the reasons for reading to your Grandchild. Graciously giving space to others will serve to enrich your own experiences with your little person. Here is some more advice from other parents and grandparents: Advice for soon-to-be grandparents.

Tips from this post were included! Your time and your love are what matter most. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I have been a New grandma K, for 5 years. I met my granddaughter when she was 6. I sat down with her and told her I didn't know how to be a grandma and I needed her help. And how did she want me to talk to her baby or adult? Adult is what she wanted. I then told he that these are grandma's rules.

One was don't lie to and them I told Grandmas need it I would never lie to her. If I asked her to do something, to do it. Well we were both tested on that. I asked her to finish her laundry when she was She said she didn't want to. I didn't argue with her just told her that she couldn't have with little sister and me the next day. She said ok. Well she was told by her mom to finish the laundry and got in trouble by mom.

She is 11 now and the bond that she and I have is like no other. She is my Sweet Pea. I am asking my children how I can be a help to them. As much as you can, stay positive, be flexible, and go with the flow. Focus on supporting the expecting parents rather than telling them what you want — they'll appreciate it.

All good points, Kimberly. You must be a wonderful grandma. It's a talent to be there enough without being overbearing. And by being there, I mean emotionally, physically, and with your advice. Some of my fondest memories are of snuggling with my grandchildren while reading books.

Grandmas need it

Thanks of sharing your tips on BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty. You're right, Christie. There's a fine line.

Grandmas need it

And it depends on the children, too - how much of your involvement is too much for them. Being aware and respectful goes a long way. Thanks for stopping by! Subscribe to our newsletter and our tribe of Grandmas! We're connecting, having fun and making memories with our Grands!

Grandmas need it

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Grandmas need it

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