Great expectations dating free personals

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How was Great Expectations started? When they acquired it they started buying up locations and after a couple of years they divested and it became based instead of franchise based. Today we have multiple owners but most locations are owned by four main groups of owners who are also the licensing arm of the company.

How large is Great Expectations today? There are over 50 locations nationwide. Each of the locations are individually owned and operated.

Great expectations dating free personals

What does Great Expectations do differently compared to internet dating companies and why does it work so well? Online dating's economic appeal was that you would drive traffic to a site and capture customers by providing a no-touch service allowing you to keep expenses down.

Unfortunately, customer acquisition costs have risen to a point that many in the industry are struggling to maintain profitability. Along with this, online is so commoditized that prices cannot be raised without ificantly changing the offering.

Great expectations dating free personals

Many online executives have told me they tried raising prices and it cost them ups. We offer the personal touch. Offline dating companies are all about service and touch. Most of the time, the clients are the same, with the exception of those in their early twenties. We have some clients in their early twenties, but not a lot. The difference is the amount of service the client gets. Also, of the top three offline dating companies, I believe most of their locations offer identity verification and background checks.

For example, at Great Expectations, in our locations, we talk to each of our clients once every 60 days. When a client is a brand new client, we make sure, before we put them fully into the system, that we hold their hand with their first few selections.

How are your online marketing efforts working out? Our online efforts work very, very well. We have an online dating site, GreatDatingSite. How has online dating helped your business? How might it help in the future? We should have gotten into it much earlier, so that was a strategic mistake on our part. What we have done well is use web marketing to drive traffic to our online sites.

Great expectations dating free personals

I think online dating has helped our service a lot because 10 years ago there was still a stigma attached to dating services. The question becomes today, what is the ultimate dating service going to look like? There is going to be a marriage between offline and online, and I think it will happen sooner rather than later.

Another place that online truly helped us is that it drove some of the competitors in the offline space closer together and as the result we have learned from one another. We talk regularly and Paul's son calls me "Fisherman. I actually think you will see the offline companies working together to improve their offering and their marketing over the next few years.

All of us are working more with some onlines as well. And here is a hint to the others: "Call us, let's talk! We can no longer get by, and in the offline world for years we actually did get by, with not delivering a good service. We were terrible at Great expectations dating free personals. I believe that today you have to deliver a very high quality of service.

How are your customers doing? What can you do to assist? As a result of us really getting strong in customer service over the last two years Great Expectations has seen a tremendous increase in the of referrals. Our clients are happy. One place onlines and offlines could serve each other is through t lead acquisition strategies. We have some of these in place with online companies and they are quite profitable for both parties.

Unfortunately, some online and offline companies still refuse to even get into a dialogue out of some sense of competition or fear of revealing some pd trade secret. That is a pity. What are your plans for through ? I think both sides, online and offline, are looking for a way to bring all this together.

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Great expectations dating free personals

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