Looking for a man to talk too

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Stephen's College, Delhi. Men have always interested women. Lately, I have run into a category that Looking for a man to talk too to talk! Men with a sense of humor are irresistible, but then the repartees need to be pithy and effective. Men who talk too much are bad hygiene. This piece is not a universal statement about men but just collation of certain recent instances, though I have prayed at least once that this be an aberration and not general happening. I have recently run into three guys who phone-talk endlessly discussing moms, sisters, exes, friends, even an odd mother-in-law.

It is the same across a coffee table. I did feel like Saina Nehwal initially caught in a pulsating match wherein words substituted shuttle cocks all over. Call this the CWG effect. Sadly, there were none of those periods of golden silence of thought and consequent chemistry to set in. With them there is simply no time to stop for a sec and think or assess or understand the woman they are with. Funnily, the three new speaking men in my life also seem to be losing hair at a rather young age. I have reasoned that talking cannot be related to balding or else women would be the first without any hair.

Looking for a man to talk too

Interestingly, the three men are also bereft of a girlfriend each or at least an arm candy despite being well endowed with jobs, money and property that can be attributes for initial curiosity of any well meaning girl. I did find it a little strange why the well qualified men remained bachelors in city Delhi floating with girls looking to snare such prize catches. Despite the pates, they are fairly okay in the looks department. I got my answer post suffering hour volleys of one sided conversations that seemed laden with rationalities that can so easily be counter-productive in woman wooing strategies.

Women are earning, intelligent and want to party as hard as they work. Call this strait jacketed somehow my image of the perfect man approximates my father who never talks too much, the traditional guy who does not display much emotion either.

Looking for a man to talk too

My father has to listen a lot, to me for instance. My two brothers too have taken a bit on my father and one of my lasting clients, who happens to be another quiet male, is also a good listener. Opposite genders who talk too much has opened my eyes to a new species. After all every woman wants her man to be irrational sometimes and satisfy her vanity, and allow her to speak her trivial, rational and emotional self for a while without checks and counter arguments.

Well, back to the case of three talkative men in my life.

Looking for a man to talk too

I did have the urge to pass them on to my other girl friends, but that would be unfair. Oblivious of my feelings, they continue to be full of advisories without any need to change. Where are we as a nation? Why Pegasus is just the tip of the iceberg. Congress must aspire to be like Apple, and not BlackBerry. Speed up delimitation process. An Afghan question: India needs a clear refugee policy based on international principles.

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Looking for a man to talk too

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