Looking for her fairy tale

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What if the prince who comes to save the day is actually a princess? What if the curse is more than it seems? Discover the perfect fantasy series for you. Takes 30 seconds! Probably the most meta book on our list, The Hazel Wood is a fairy tale about fairy tales. Richly drawn with vivid descriptions, The Hazel Wood will take you on a creepy, twisted journey from the streets of New York to the wild woods of a storybook.

Before this book, Naomi Novik was known only for her Napoleonic dragon series Temeraire. It follows the course of Agnieszka, a girl whose village is protected by a mysterious wizard called the Dragon. This protection comes with a high price that, this time, falls on Agnieszka to pay. Against her wishes, she is sent to live with the Dragon, who soon finds himself with more on his hands than he bargained for.

If you like enchanting tales about dark woods, ancient wizards battling cruel magic, and just a touch of Beauty-and-the-Beast romance, this book is for you.

Looking for her fairy tale

Well, look no further, because The Bear and the Nightingale has you covered. The power of fairy tales themselves haunt the very s of this book. The Near Witch takes place in the town of Near, a quiet village that borders the woods. But when children start going missing, and a mysterious boy is accused of kidnapping them, everything Lexi thought she knew about her home is thrown into question.

Looking for her fairy tale

This is a story of whispers in the night, of old legends that may prove to be more than stories. This book is part murder mystery, part dystopia, and part Disney-theme-park-gone-rogue, and we are here for it. This Westworld-with-Princesses fairy tale is told in alternating past and present, switching between formal court transcripts and intimate first-person narration, and will keep you on your toes right up until the end. An evil queen on the run from assassins and a princess archer living in the woods. But this royal redemption story is entirely its own creation, and all the richer and more beautiful for it.

Rya, a woman known throughout her kingdom as The Black Queen, escapes to the woods after being accused of a murder she did not commit. Looking for her fairy tale like Cinder are often sold into medical experimentation, and that is exactly where this story kicks off. Fresh, futuristic, and feisty, Cinder spawned four sequels that rework other classic fables, a short story collection, and even some follow-up graphic novels. Was it, perhaps, not even their idea at all?

Everyone knows that poor, sweet Cinderella had long suffered beneath the cruelty of her stepmother and stepsisters until one magic day, when chance arranged for her to attend a ball. And what if Cinderella was never quite so docile? Ash is a tale of magic and curses. If you like your fairy tales with actual fairies, if you love getting lost in the woods, if you want a story packed with women of all different personalities and motivations and roles, then this is your book.

Shortly after Danielle Cinderella is married, her husband is kidnapped. One of the more unusual spins on a classic fairy tale, Thief of Cahraman is a gender-bent take on Aladdin. Except, oh yeah, the competition is just a way to get inside the palace for a heist, and the cost of failure is certain death. Coming to us from a background in Chinese folklore, When Fox is a Thousand tells the story of three women: a mystical fox nearing her 1,th birthday, a ninth-century Taoist poet and nun who really did exist!

While seemingly disparate, these storylines slowly braid themselves together in a lyrical, often poetic journey as the novel progresses. For an evil queen that truly lives up to her title, look no further than Forest of a Thousand Lanterns. Ever since she wasXifeng has been told of her destiny as the Empress of Feng Lu.

A future she is willing to do anything to achieve, even if it means rejecting the man who loves her, or harnessing magic that comes from eating the hearts of the recently-deceased. This is a story of a leader twisted by a looming destiny, powerful and ambitious women, and the layered and nuanced relationships that shape people. You may never look at Evil Queens the same way again.

Looking for her fairy tale

A more faithful retelling than some on our list, The Wrath and the Dawn is no less enchanting for it. Our hero is Shahrzad — a girl who lost her best friend to this very fate, and is determined that it will never happen to anyone ever again. Shahrzad allows herself to be taken as the newest bride, but quickly finds a way to entrance the ruler with stories each night. High stakes and unexpected romance will draw readers through this imaginative tale. For those needs, look no further than The Princess Companion. Political intrigue spices things up, along with a slow-built romance that is far more satisfying than the insta-love we so often get.

The best fairy tales are the ones that remind us of age-told truths. It follows the lives of Blanca and Roja, sisters destined to be rivals due to an ancient curse on their family — one that will end with either Blanca or Roja turning into a swan. But the book is about much more than the plot, dealing with issues of race and gender identity, and carrying the reader through a harrowing emotional journey.

Looking for her fairy tale

A competition where the protagonist must sew a dress made from laughter of the sun, tears of the moon, and blood of the stars. Come for the dresses, stay for the adventure. From the streets of D. Acting as an excellent representation of life with cerebral palsy, and with a fierce and fighting spirit, Harper is easily a hero to root for, and one who will stick with people like all the best heroines in fairy tales do.

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Looking for her fairy tale

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Looking for her fairy tale

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Looking for her fairy tale Looking for her fairy tale

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