Need a no bs woman

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Losing Pounds with Corinne. Subscribe to your favorite podcasts, listen to episodes offline and get thrilling recommendations. Rewind 15 seconds. Today I talk about the importance of mindset when you are losing weight. The vast majority of people tell me that everything goes great until I make a mistake or I get tired or something else gets in my way. It contains things like "I will show up for myself no matter what.

More episodes from "Losing Pounds with Corinne". Turning 47 Annual Birthday Reflection a day ago I know. Me crying isn't exactly breaking news.

Need a no bs woman

But 46 was a special year. In today's podcast, Kathy does our annual interview of me. What did I learn and what do I want you to know about my life. As always, I was vulnerable and honest. I share some powerful questions I challenged myself with. My favorite was, "How much louder would I live my life if I loved myself at every turn? Needing to be busy so I can feel important and needed. Thinking I'm lazy when I took time off because I always thought if I was up I should be working or productive. Waiting on a perfect body to love my body. I spent the year putting my real body out into the world so I could hear my real thoughts and change them for my own sake.

You'll get a lot out of this episode if you keep thinking there's a body or some achievement in life that will finally feel like enough. I've spent a lifetime seeking my own approval. This year I realized how to just give it without conditions.

One of the most asked questions I get is, "How do I keep going when I want to quit my diet? I'm sure Weight Watchers had a picture of me at the head office in honor of all my Monday morning contributions I made throughout my life. Then I heard this quote on a Peleton ride the other that stopped me in my tracks. Passion Need a no bs woman you going. It was Monday. I was sick and tired of my clothes not fitting. My best-friend was starting a new workout.

I wanted to finally feel good about myself. What I didn't have was passion to keep going when shit hit the fan.

Need a no bs woman

I didn't have gas in the tank to keep going after a few weeks. I didn't know how to keep going when I wanted to quit. The diet industry fails us by only giving us plans and wishing us "luck. Today I'm helping you figure this out in episode How to keep going when you want to quit. You'll learn how to Find a why that works and how to use it. Keep your why in front and center instead of forgetting it when you need it most. Talk about what you're doing to lose weight with passion instead of like an asshole creating dread and exhaustion that leaves you needing a break from your diet by the weekend.

And make sure you don't miss your chance to work with me. The doors are closing Saturday, August 7. right now and together I'll help you lose weight for the last time. It's time for some straight talk. Losing weight is hard. There's a lot of behavioral changes to make. The internet is filled with endless diet plans and methods that hold the promise of a quick fix. Hell, your doctor is probably telling you to lose weight "but it'll be nearly impossible.

You try so many different things. But nothing is sticking. Nothing feels like you can keep doing it for the long haul. Maybe you wonder, "Why can't I get started? The diets you've done in the past failed to teach you the important things. Things like how to be around your favorite foods and enjoy them instead of being so worried you'll overeat that you either RUN in the opposite direction OR go face down in it fearing you won't get to eat it again for a long time. Or how to have a stressful day and decompress without feeling so guilty for taking a minute for yourself that you end up taking your "break" standing in the pantry eating chips.

When you don't learn how to deal with your life you end up with a lot of diets that fail at the first of emotional trouble. And this starts making every attempt at weightloss feel HARD. My bet is you're making at least ONE of these three mistakes when you try to lose weight. In today's podcast you'll learn what the mistakes are and three ways to make things a lot easier on you.

I believe we all can lose weight way easier than what we've been told. I want you to finally lose your weight and Need a no bs woman as amazing as you deserve. But you can't do it if you're overwhelmed, afraid, and constantly worried that something will go wrong. Don't worry though. In today's podcast I'm going to make things doable, easy, and teach you how to quit making things harder than they need to be. Have you ever just wanted someone to tell Need a no bs woman what to do to lose weight? Think about this. Do you really? How many times have you started a diet where they laid out the exact calories, macros or foods to eat and you didn't do it?

What we really want is how to quit eating like an asshole when our life sucks or we're out of our usual routines. We'd love to know a better way to calm our nerves at night instead of eating our faces off.

Need a no bs woman

In today's podcast, I teach and coach on How to handle friends who push food on you when you don't want it. Traveling across the country and figuring out how to eat to lose weight. How to bust late-night eating. And, you'll get my 3 ways to know what you should be eating for weightloss it's not what you think. Did you start excited and ready to tackle your weight? Were you ready to leave in the dust and get your shit and your body together?

Maybe you're rocking and rolling and need a little advice on how to keep going the rest of the year. Or, you're in need of a big ass reset because you started off motivated and fizzled out. No matter where you are right now, I'm going to teach you in today's podcast how to reset and finish like a No BS Woman.

We got 5 more months left this year. Don't sit around whining you aren't where you are. And for fucks sake stop worrying there's not enough time left to reach your goals for Stand up and get moving on where you want to GO! If you should change your goal if you're currently not where you thought you'd be with your weightloss by now. Three recommendations for how to overcome some of the common hurdles of goal setting like not quitting when things don't go perfect.

Do you know way too much about weightloss?

Need a no bs woman

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