Swingers in Ramona

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The quintessential neighborhood war continues here on the shores of Lake Apopka, pitting the privacy-seeking sexual swingers against the disgusted forces of "community values. The fight is over Ramona's Paradise Inn, a converted fish camp that is home to a club for "alternative lifestyles": partner-swapping, exhibitionism, voyeurism and group sex. County building inspectors closed Ramona's in November They had found numerous code violations, and proprietor Jeff Mazer had failed to get building permits.

Swingers in Ramona

It took nearly five months to reopen. We have rules. They weren't being followed.

Swingers in Ramona

Now they are. So they're back. But the return hardly has been quiet. Mazer and Casey have squared off since he originally opened the club in September and participated in a lively debate about the merits of swinger clubs on The Maury Povich Show.

They have carried a video camcorder to trace plates, hoping to discourage wayward husbands and curious thrill seekers. Mazer briefly countered with an offer to pick up customers off-site and drive anyone in behind his car's tinted windows.

Casey also was the focus Swingers in Ramona a code complaint shortly after Mazer and landlord Vince Fernandez were shut down. Several of Casey's rentals were cited for electrical violations and failing to have proper fire walls. All have been repaired. She said she gets anonymous harassing phone calls from Ramona's supporters and that club members have left used condoms in her driveway. Mazer, who is worried that residents will persuade police to raid his club, says that the last thing he would do is try to upset opponents.

Swingers in Ramona

Club members just want to be left alone, he said. But neighbors are frustrated with First Amendment rights and the intricacies of a county adult entertainment law that regulates strip ts and peep shows but can't stop a private group-sex club in their back yards. A year-old professional woman and single mother who has been to Ramona's a dozen times in the past year said she didn't mind driving past pickets.

Swingers in Ramona

I was born and raised in a small, country town in northwest Florida, right in the middle of the Bible Belt. My mom would go into conniptions if she knew what I was doing. It's something they don't want to understand. They need a cause. They have the freedom to express their cause. Several swingers described Ramona's as a relaxed environment where commonplace "hang-ups" and "boundaries" don't exist. Adult videos play on large screens in two main rooms. No liquor is served, only sodas. Members dance, play darts, discuss jobs, families and relationships.

It's not that way at all. You relax, you meet people, you have to reach a comfort level. There's no guarantee you're going to connect with somebody. If they make a "connection," the members move to the private "fantasy" rooms for sexual encounters. Mazer said that on some Friday and Saturday nights, the club will host as many as 50 people; Wednesdays are slower.

Like most swingers' clubs, Ramona's memberships are deed to attract women and couples and discourage single men. Casey said Mazer was overstating the club's popularity. She said she's making a dent in the club's membership, and sooner or later Mazer will Swingers in Ramona away.

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Swingers in Ramona

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Swingers in Ramona Swingers in Ramona

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